AddisynGirl, born March 2011
motor delays

Listed: Feb 2015

Addisyn is an adorable little girl who came into care when she was 2 years old, and was found to be thin, with little strength in her hands and feet. With the care of her nannies, she gained some weight, and soon was in good health. They noticed she was able to stand and walk a bit with assistance, but not on her own. A CT of her brain showed no abnormalities. As of her report (in October 2013), she was still walking only with assistance. They assumed at that time that her intelligence was not equal to her peers. In an update from 2/2015 Addisyn is not talking and still unable to walk unassisted. They estimate her physical and cognitive development at about the level of a 15 month old child. Addie is a sweet and loving little girl, who always wants to join in with the other kids in play. The agency has several photos and video of this precious girl. She needs a family to help her reach her full potential.

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