Marco 2Marco 1Boy, born June 2007
Cerebral Palsy

Poor Marco never had his paperwork for adoption made ready until just this summer. Precious Marco is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and mild anemia. He gets around pretty well, he has determination, and he has a beautiful smile! CP is not degenerative and can improve with therapy. Marco is finally getting his chance!

At 6.5, Marco was receiving schooling in the special school of his orphanage. Under the patient direction of teachers, he can follow to count from 1-10, he knows in, out, left and right. His language development is fairly delayed and he cannot speak clearly. Marco can walk and he uses support to go up and downstairs. He can move his hands and feet slowly, but does not move too much. Now he can speak some simple poems, can sing some simple children’s songs, and knows some simple English words, but his intelligence development is delayed compared to his peers. Marco is cute and kind. He likes to play with other children and can get along well with other children. Marco likes listening to music and watching children’s programs. When he is happy, he will laugh sweetly. He is an adorable child and we all hope that he could have a happy and wonderful home soon!

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