Jonie (2) Jonie (1)Girl, born November 2011
Post-op cleft lip and palate; unsteady gait

Listed: Feb 2015

Jonie is diagnosed with post-op cleft lip and palate and an unsteady gait (she was not quite walking at the time her file was prepared). Jonie loves to be held and would talk non-stop whenever someone held her. In fact, if she wasn’t the first one held, she would cry loudly in her crib. Smart girl knew how to get someone’s attention! When learning how to stand, she would laugh happily. Her favorite thing to do is to play outside. Jonie loved watching the children swing and her eyes were full of curiosity. When in the playroom, she always looked for her favorite toys and would sometimes get upset when she didn’t get her favorite toy. A hug from the aunties cheered her up! In March 2013, she had her cleft lip and palate surgery. It took her a little time to warm back up once she came back from surgery, but it wasn’t long and she was walking around and talking a lot again. Jonie loves going on the swing- the higher she goes, the happier she will be, often not wanting to stop. Jonie is an active, clever, lively, and lovely child in need of a forever family!

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