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Girl, born March 2014

Listed: Jan 13, 2015

Update Feb 2018: Maddie is a sweet little girl who has developmental delays. She has not been diagnosed with anything particular, but she does appear to have cerebral palsy of some degree. She prefers to keep her head tilted to one side and tends to be very stiff, however she does great at tummy time and will lift her head up to look around. Maddie also loves to be held and can easily be soothed when you pick her up for some cuddles. Maddie does have a lot of muscle spasms, but we do not think this is seizure activity.

Maddie update 2015

She has started a muscle relaxer medicine which seems to be helping her a lot. Despite her delays, Maddie is very observant of her environment; she can often be seen looking at those around her and she has gotten good at tracking people and objects with her eyes. Maddie cannot yet sit up on her own, but when put in a crawling position, she will often move her legs forward like she is trying to crawl. She also bears weight on her legs when put in a standing position. She often is all smiles when she gets to have time in the stander. Maddie is an easy going baby, except sometimes at meal time when she does not want to eat, but she will gobble down anything that has peanut butter in it. She smiles so big when we sing songs and will make herself known if she doesn’t get to see the pictures when we are reading books. Maddie knows who her people are and prefers them over anyone else. She loves kisses and will instantly return the favor with a big smile. Sometimes when she really gets going she will let out a belly laugh that forces you to laugh as well.

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