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Mike (2) Mike (1)Boy, born August 2005
Post-op cerebral palsy

Listed: January 12, 2015

Mike is an extroverted and mischievous child. He is very intelligent and studious. He gets along well with other children and likes outdoor activities. Mike takes pleasure in showing off his abilities. He does not do well in wet or humid climates as he breaks out in hives. He is also afraid of snakes. Mike has lived in a foster family, and made great progress while living there. He went through rehabilitation for his cerebral palsy and while his walking isn’t steady, his daily activities are not affected. He is able to take care of himself. We hope Mike finds his forever family!

Update from his host family: Mike likes to eat just about anything and everything, and in large amounts. He likes to play Uno Attack, and likes to ride a bike when the weather permits. He also enjoys going to help his host dad with the pigs on the farm. Mike likes hugs, and gives and receives them. The host family enjoys singing, and he seems to like it too; he has learned some songs and is always trying to sing along with them. The host family believes Mike will do best in a family that is ready to be very firm, structured, and consistent with him. He has a heart that desires to be loved like every child. The host family is very willing to try and meet up with a family if someone wants to meet him.

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