ShaneBoy, born October 2009
Down syndrome

From January 2015- Shane is under foster care in the orphanage. His caregivers say he is very smart. He learns fast and can figure out his own way. When he was learning to put on shoes, he would line all shoes up and try on each pair, and he would check it in the mirror to see if the shoes look good. He can walk to take his favorite toys and uses blocks to build something he likes and can also put away toys. Shane is not talking yet. He understands “no”. He will reach for things when given. Shane can follow directions of the teachers to do something like putting away toys and put on stickers. He will imitate the teacher to do something. He will learn after teacher how to wash face. When teacher praises him, Shane will be very happy. He is active and extroverted. He likes music, toys and games. He is brought to the potty at regular intervals and will not wet his pants. He is a good sleeper. Shane is active and happy and he likes to imitate. He loves toys and playing with adults.


$1,538.95 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!