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Adam and Andy L12

boysillouettenophotoboysillouettenophoto2 brothers: older brother, born February 2011, and younger brother, born on February 2013, children are adoptable together.

Listed:  December 18, 2014

Older brother has grey-bluish eyes and light hair. He loves individual attention, gladly attends different sessions. The boy loves musical toys, in a group gladly drives with toy cars. The boy also enjoys looking picture books together with a caretaker. The boy has very good appetite, he eats a lot. The boy sleeps well during the night and the day but sometimes before falling asleep he rocks in his bed. The boy is rocking also during the day (often standing by the door). The boy speaks “in his own language” a lot. The boy has positive dynamics, he is attached to his younger brother.

Final medical diagnosis – antenatal central nervous system damage. Alcohol fetopathie. Congenital developmental abnormalities. Cryptorchidism. Spine dextra scoliosis. Hard palate cleft. Deformation of thorax. Horseshoe kidney. Physical development delay. Language development delay. Atopic dermatitis, allergy to yolk. Myopia I grade.

Younger brother has blue eyes and, hazel hair. The child is calm, walks independently, obeys instructions, likes individual attention, likes to play with toys, sometimes might take toys form other children.

Final medical diagnosis – state after hypospadia plastic surgery.

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