Shaine (2) Shaine (1)Boy, born January 2007
Delayed intelligence; Bilateral esotropia; Left undescended testicle

Listed: Nov 2014

Shaine entered the orphanage at about 6 months of age. Shaine is now 7 and can stand on one foot alone for 5 seconds, can do standing long jump, can jump off the floor with both feet, can walk with holding a cup full of water, can button or unbutton, and can put on and take off clothes without help. He can’t speak, but can understand the aunt’s instructions, or the words on the criticism and praise, can express “yes” by making sound of ah, en and heng. He is fond of playing games with children. He is a little introverted, sometimes a little obstinate, stubborn, has a ready smile, and is fond of listening to music, jumping, playing sports and playing the slide. This is one very cute little boy!

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