Lina (1) Lina (2)Girl, born February 2010
Down Syndrome

Listed: Nov 2014

Precious Lina has Down Syndrome and entered the orphanage when she was about 3 years old. She is very timid. When she does not get a toy, she will cry loudly and will cry out, “Mama, it’s mine” to the nannies. When she gets a toy, she will smile at the nannies. When she’s sleeping at night, she will lie down on the bed and wait for the nannies to say, “Lina, we are going to sleep and we are going to turn the lights off, be a good girl!” She will smile and nod her head then close her eyes and go to dreamland. When she feels wronged, she will run to the nannies and say, “Mama, Mama” and the nannies will comfort her and pat her head and say, “Good girl, don’t worry about it.” She will then run over to the children and continue playing. When she sees other little children with a runny nose, she will help them wipe it and then smile at them.

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