guardianangelbrandon-2017-croppedBoy, Born November 2005

Listed:  November 21, 2010

New photo Jan 2017.  Brandon has been transferred.  This is what institutional orphanage life is like for disabled children. Drugged.  Hungry.  Restrained.  Unstimulated.  Uneducated. Immobilized.  Broken.  PLEASE help us by sharing these children and helping them find families.  It doesn’t have to be this way!

Brandon is a sweet little boy who was born with CP.   Brandon is socially and emotionally delayed. Whether his delays are simply from institutionalization or have a congenital basis is unknown. Only when he is a wanted part of a loving family and given access to proper medical and educational interventions can his true potential be revealed.

He is also said to have significant speech delays. He has crossed eyes and astigmatism.

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