Fran 2Frannie-2015Girl, born December 2007
congenital deafness; CHD- mild pulmonary stenosis and mild patent foramen ovale (PFO)


Listed: October 24, 2014

From reading 6.5 year old Frannie’s file, it is clear that this girl will do very well in a forever family! And speaking of files, hers is full of information! Frannie likes to play with other children. She also likes to play with dolls, games, and do puzzles. Her favorite foods are apples and eggs and she like to drink milk. She also loves snacks.

At the age of 6, Frannie began going to a special school. She quickly became a favorite. Frannie quickly learned to follow the teachers and learned some sign language. She is learning more gestures, such as one for her name, the numbers 1-10, and a sign for toilet. She has learned to write many numbers and some words. She is an active student in school and she enjoys games and crafts. Frannie won two awards at school- one for “good child prize”, and one for “small pacesetter who helps others prize.” The awards made her very happy and proud. Her overall performance is excellent! Even when she loses a game, she will smile. Frannie needs some help when it comes to fine motor skills, but she is fond of learning and can imitate quite well. She seems to be very interested in gymnastics and can do many tricks. She is flexible and has talent in dancing. Frannie is enthusiastic, outgoing, and fond of learning. All the caretakers in the orphanage love her very much! It is clear that with the love of a forever family and some guidance, this child will make huge gains and will soar!

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