boysillouettenophotoboysillouettenophoto2 siblings, adoptable separately or together: older brother, 2012, and younger brother, 2013

Listed:  October 1, 2014

Older brother has blue eyes and light brown hair.  He crawls, he also walks around if being held by both hands. He stands up by sticking to something. The boy makes a longer eye contact with an adult, he plays with toys, responds to his name. His appetite is good, he does not try to eat with a spoon, needs to be fed. Sleeps well, sometimes swings before falling asleep. Sometimes has a tendency to swing and beat his head against the floor. He has been diagnosed with effects of neonatal central nervous system hypoxia in a state of diffuse muscle hypotonic syndrome, psychomotor retardation. OU astigmatism, hypermetropia, OU nystagmus, esotropia. Language development delay.

Younger brother has blue eyes and light brown hair. The child crawls, he does not eat independently, needs to be fed. The boy is emotionally labile, often cries, plays alones, likes musical toys. He has been diagnosed with OU Nystagmus horizontal. OU Astigmatism mixtus. OD Esotropia. Psychomotor development delay. Speech development delay. Muscle tone imbalance.

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