Lew (2)Lew (1)Boy, born May 2011
Cerebral Atrophy of bilateral frontal lobes (but normal development)

Lew does not speak much yet. He can make “Yiyi-yaya” sounds and point to the objects he wants. He can express himself with other ways. For example, if someone took his ball, he will make “yiyi-yaya” sound to caregivers and pointed to the ball and ask the caregivers to get it back. When you get it back for him, he will laugh to you He can stand up without any help, he can walk alone (al little waddled) and walk hand in hand with other kids. He can pick up a very small object from the ground. He can hold a ball and raise it up and throw it out, then pick it up and repeat.He is a little bit shy and can be very cautious with strangers. He is very open and happen when he is with caregivers and kids he is familiar with.

There is a video available of Lew:  http://youtu.be/N6L8vMOvv78

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