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Ankle joint contracture of both knees and muscular tension of limbs reduced

Ezrah update


Ezrah can keep his head steadily and can hold his head up; he can stand up with wrists held slightly; he can recognize the aunt who cares him, can make sound of ma-ma, nai-nai, can shake and stare at the rattles, can take a block in a hand and take another one, can reach and grasp the toy beyond, and can shake the rattles consciously; he can chase the toy with hands and can look for the dropped toy; he can react to the game of hide and seek and looking oneself in the mirror; he is very curious and likes to discover and recognize all kinds of never seen objects and fresh things. He cares about the changers of around people and things.


Ezrah has an extroverted personality, is active, likes to play games with peers; he likes colorful toys with making sounds; he responds actively to stimulation of new things or strangers.

In an update from January 2016: Ezrah isn’t receiving any therapies for his conditions, and can’t yet stand or walk on his own. He gets around very well by crawling using his arms. Ezrah can speak in simple phrases, and express his ideas easily, as well as follow simple instructions from caregivers

April 2016 update: Ezrah is active and outgoing. Ezraht’s mental development is the same as kids the same age. His lower limbs make it so that he cannot walk. He knows and will tell adults when he needs to go to the bathroom. He can use the baby toilet by himself. Ezrah is well behaved and obedient.

He cannot walk, but he can move on his bottom with hand coordination. His fine motor skills are good and he can pick up rice. He cannot go to school due to his special need. Ezrah has good emotional development. He can read faces. He is attached to his foster mother and will share food with her. Ezrah can express his needs well and can follow simple directions. He is a very smart child! He can call the familiar people properly. Ezrah likes to play games with his foster family and other kids. He has been in the same foster family since March of 2014. He is not on any medication.

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