Tesia updated picture 2Girl, born Feb 2011Tesaiupdate2
Down syndrome, Cleft Palate, bilateral ear deformity, growth delays, developmental delay

Listed: Dec 21, 2013

Tesia has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome, but a prospective family needs to be open to the possibility of a different medical diagnosis as Tesia exhibits many characteristics of children who have been diagnosed with Treacher Collins, although TC is not mentioned specifically in her record. Tesia was found abandoned at around 10 days old. She is a timid, shy and quiet little girl who likes to play with toys especially balls, sand and slides. Tesia is able to walk and is reported to be toilet trained. She can search for the source of a sound and can make sounds on her own, but did not use words as of the report date. Tesia likes to be cuddled and spoken to. She is waiting for a family of her own who can snuggle with her as they tell her “I love you!”Tesia updated photo

From an April 2015 UPDATE: Tesia can walk, run and go up and down the stairs. She can dress herself and goes to the bathroom on her own. She goes to the special education class in the SWI. She likes to go to school and gets along well with other classmates. As of today, Tesia is very active with quick responses and more speech. However, she speaks in a low voice. She has a strong ability to imitate and follows the teachers to do exercises. After class, she will play on the swings with her favorite friend. She will cry when she is blamed for wrong doings. When she sees the other kids cry, she will comfort them by patting them on the back. Tesia loves to play in the ball pits and on the trampoline. She likes someone to play with her and talk to her.

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