Sept 2004Boy, born Sept 2004Garrett
Coffin Lowry Syndrome, Hydrocephalus, moderate mental delays

Listed: May 20, 2013

Garrett does not speak, but understands speech addressed to him.

From an adoptive family who met him:  I met Garrett in May 2012 and I will always remember how sweet he was.  He was usually the first one to greet me with a hug when I visited.  He was always so excited to show off for me.  When the care-taker announced that they were all going outside he promptly put his shoes on and helped some of the other kids with their shoes as well.  He and the other boys in his group (Troy and Sammy) are very well loved by one of their care-takers and it shows.  It is obvious that they have been taught manners and cooperation and they are very kind to one another.  They are taught at least several days a week so do not let the diagnosis deceive you, they are fairly smart boys.  They all have obvious delays but never had any problems following instructions and they understood everything they were told and all seemed to love to be helpful.  When I show our son (who was adopted from this group) their pictures he remembers their names and tells me they were his friends.  He told me he wants them to be adopted and to come to the U.S.  How I pray that happens for Garrett and the other boys!  Garrett is so sweet and innocent, I hate to see what will happen to him if he ages out of the orphanage.

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