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Miriam-2014Girl, born August 2007Miriam pic
Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities,  myopia

Miriam also has significant signs of FAS, although that is not diagnosed

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/vZKqrqbcPH4  MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE

From a missionary who visited in August 2014:  ” this tiny little lady is always on the go and is a total thrill seeker. She likes being spun around and tipped upside down. She has the cutest little giggle! She likes taking turns sitting on everyone’s knee.  “

From someone who met her:  I loved this child but she seemed so lost…she had only just arrived at the institution when I visited and she was bewildered! She is TINY. She is the child we all talk about, the child plucked from the baby house at 5 and left in a cot! She is the child forgotten and alone!miriam-2016-1

I was told she could walk, in fact she is the only child in the bedridden building who can walk, and then without warning she was swooped from her cot and paraded in front of me. A recent update says she is still moving and can still walk and she cries if she doesn’t get her walk! And she is still laughing and playing; but for how much longer?

She needs OUT! She needs a Mama, NOW!  10 day wait often waived here. Married couples only, larger families welcome.

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