Girl, born April 2009Tallulah (1)
Down syndrome

Listed: May 2, 2013


Update May 2017:  Meet Tallulah! This active and spunky little girl came into care as a baby, and was diagnosed with Down syndrome, and a slight heart issue which has healed as she has grown. No surgery was necessary. Tallulah’s development has been good. She is a little one…her current height is 39″, and she weighs 35 pounds. She loves to play on the playground with her friends, and really loves to bounce. She is very flexible, and loves to climb.

Tallulah is engaging, social, funny, and a precious little girl! Her nannies say she is very bright, and able to learn new skills quickly. Tallulah has excellent receptive speech, and her expressive speech, though not always clear, is coming along. She attends school at the orphanage. She has been waiting for her family, and really hopes they hurry. I am sure she would also wish for lots of siblings and friends, and a big back yard with a swing set! Please make Tallulah’s wishes come true!

The agency has a video available.

Update 2015: She is potty trained and can take care of herself. She speaks two or three words phrases now. But she understands everything. She understands what others are talking about and she can follow instructions.

She is attending special education preschool in the orphanage. In the special education class, she learns life common sense and children songs, poems, counting, drawing, etc. Her motor skills are as good as healthy children. She is flexible, active and lovely. She likes to dance. She always dance with television when there is a dance show. Her body is very flexible. She can run and jump. She is extroverted, she’s happy most of time. She’s been living group life here in the orphanage always. She gets along well with other children and caretakers. Although her language is not so good, she understands others well.

She likes to build blocks and play with beautiful Barbie dolls. She also likes to dress up beautiful dress or outfits. There is another Down Syndrome child in the pictures (Bruno). They came to the orphanage about the same time and have grown up together. They are very close. They both are extroverted, active and cute!

$4,360.59 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!