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Delta-002Girl, born 2003
Mild to moderate delays, left eye condition

Listed: October 29, 2012

Update July 2017:

She has moderate mental retardation (NOT just psychological and speech delay!). It is organic damage of brain. She is not at school, defectologists teach her something, but her level of development does not stipulate for “traditional” education. She is taught by program developed for special needs children with mental issues, so it is very primitive.

Delta is almost blind. She has a slight right eyesight. She has been diagnosed with congenital anophthalmos.  Also she is hearing-impaired, and currently she uses hearing device, which is helpful.

Her personality is kind and friendly.

Update June 2013:
Look at Delta- isn’t she beautiful?! She is SO, SO sweet- we gave the kids lollipops and she grabbed my hand and squeezed it and said thank you. She is very “with it”- the kids danced for me and she was one of the very few that was on beat! She is able to follow directions and imitate. I have a video but for privacy reasons I can’t put it on her profile but if a family is considering her I would be happy to share!

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