boysillouettenophotoBoy, Born May 2004
Down syndrome

Listed: October 9, 2012

Christian has positive reactions towards the adults with whom he is familiar.   Has interest about what surrounds him, though not very big and also not very sustainable.   Makes unarticulated sounds.   He sleeps well, but has difficulties to fall asleep.

Christian attends school and gets good references from his teachers, he is starting to express his opinion – murmurs when tries to answer.   Active and joyful and as most boys – he likes cars and playing with them.  Is able to move up and down the stairs, eats self-dependently, though has self-care difficulties (still working on toileting), likes long walks in fresh air but is able to do them only with holding on one’s hand.  Christian has amazing potential….what a joy to get to watch him grow and thrive in a forever family!  Older parents, large families, and single moms welcome.  Great program!

*** I am eligible for a $15,000 Older Child Grant! For more information, email ***