Girl, Born February 2008
Eyes: Blue
Hair: blond
Diagnosis: Down syndrome

Character: sociable, a little girl moving, funny, good going on contact, crawling on his belly, looking for a hidden object in front, playing with toys, keeps them in his hand is weak, there are attempts to imitate the actions of an adult, played by request, “Ladushki,” stammered one and the same syllable (July 2008). Girl calm, affectionate, friendly, emotional, she dominated a good mood, easily comes into contact. Sofia is listening to the sounds of speech, responds to his name correctly responds to the intonation. Do not go, but sitting alone. Fluency takes various toys, manipulates them. At the request of an adult is familiar objects. In the active voice is lepetnye words that have no clear meaning. Self does not eat, but a good appetite, eats everything. Falls asleep quickly, sleeps peacefully. (May 2010)

Sophia’s grant of $3113.60 has been gifted to Kylie.  

***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any of these children and encourage all of our Prayer Warriors to continue their efforts! When and if this country program re-opens for adoptions, we will relist this child and begin seeking an adoptive family immediately.***





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