Boy, born March 2004
has siblings (not available for adoption)
Partial hearing loss; speech delay; astigmatism

Listed: May 21, 2012

He struggles with speech and audio attention. His hearing is weak, hearing at 30dB in his right ear and 45dB in his left. He needs to wear glasses at all times. His language is unclear and he communicates with gestures. Because of his language delays and poor hearing he has difficulty being able to express his thoughts. He quickly and emotionally reacts to external stimulus and will take toys from other children. Main social skills are developed.

Owen is described at stubborn and strong-willed, he wants what he wants and isn’t the best at sharing. He can choose which activity he wants to participate in and enjoys playing independently. He likes individual games and during them he is accurate, careful, attentive, and concentrated. He keeps his attention for approximately 30 minutes, needs a short break, but can then return to the same activity. He can use scissors. He is showing preference of using his left hand . He can point out parts of the body. He can complete a 12 piece puzzle accurately. He comprehends the meaning of movies that he watches. Owen currently attends kindergarten for children with hearing disabilities and is seeing a speech therapist.

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