Blake 14G

coims-8m8o BlakeBoy, born June 2006

Blake is the only boy in his group, and therefore he is very solid, with dignity, a real little gentleman!   He is strong, well developed and communicates well with adults. He is clever for his age, he’s not shy, and he’s very inquisitive.   He loves toys with buttons (electronics?) He is a very good boy. He does not have any siblings. Many additional photos available.

From one of our adoptive families who visited with him in 2012:  “Blake is a very nice boy.   He is well-behaved, and patient.   He could not get enough of playing with my husband, and he really seems to want a dad very much.   He does not get to interact with men very much, and he kept trying to do things just like my husband did.   He loves to play outdoors.   He will be transferred to the older child facility this year. “

Blake’s grant of $1161.00 has been gifted to Augustin.


***This child is in a country that is currently not accepting new commitments. We can no longer accept grant donations or inquiries for this child, but we have not given up on any of these children and encourage all of our Prayer Warriors to continue their efforts! When and if this country program re-opens for adoptions, we will relist this child and begin seeking an adoptive family immediately.***