Boy, born December 2009

Developmental Delays, feeding issues, failure to thrive, left congenital ptosis, laryngomalacia and supraglotoplasty



Talbot entered foster care as a result of being removed from his home due to his parent’s inability to provide a safe and stable, loving home for him.  He has resided with a foster family since July 2011.  He is growing and developing in his foster family’s care.

Talbot likes toys that make sound.  When he hears music, he dances and laughs out-loud.  He enjoys taking walks with his foster family.  He is able to say Thank you, Auntie, Mama, and Papa.

Talbot was diagnosed at a few months of age as  having feeding issues, failure to thrive, left congenital ptosis, laryngomalacia and supraglotoplasty. According to a October 2011 developmental report, he was delayed in cognition, language, & gross and fine motor skills.  He attends weekly occupational and language therapy classes, showing improvement in the past few months.  He is able to walk on his own and at the time of the assessment, he was working on climbing stairs.  His appetite has picked up and he enjoys eating noodles and biscuits among other foods.

Talbot will do well in a family who is patient, has time to work on developmental growth through play and exploration, and able to access early intervention services.

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