andrue-2016Boy, age 15 (Born 2004)
Special needs: prematurity; Down syndrome; severe mental delay

Listed: October 9, 2011

Updated 2019: Andrue was moved out of an institution and into a foster home. He’s doing very well in a family environment! He attends a school where he is learning vocational skills, like how to put furniture together. He goes on walk with his foster family and enjoys the sights and sounds of the community. He enjoys going into the store and picking out his favorite drink (lemonade!). He knows to take it to the counter and is learning about handing the cashier the money to pay for his drink. When he gets in the car, he knows to lock the doors. He prefers to play by himself at the day center, but he does not have any issues with the other children. He does not have any issues with aggression toward himself or others. Another child lives in the home with him and there are no issues with interactions between the two children in the family.

Andrue can feed himself and drink from a cup. He is toilet trained (will even get up in the middle of the night to go to the restroom and back to bed independently). He enjoys water and taking baths. He does not talk, but does have non-verbal communication skills. He has a gesture that he uses when he needs to go to the restroom during the day, he points to items that he wants, and he follows simple directions. He enjoys music, and like most teenage boys, he wants it to be loud! Medically, he is healthy. He has cataracts in one eye that needs surgical correction. The doctors in his country cannot do the procedure at this time because they require him to be awake and still for 4 hours and he is not able to do that.

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