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Andrue #16-4

andrue-2016Boy, age 15 (Born 2004)
Special needs: prematurity; Down syndrome; severe mental delay

Listed: October 9, 2011


Andrue was raised by his birth family until he was 9 months old. At that time, he was hospitalized for genetic testing and when the diagnosis of Down syndrome was confirmed, he was left at the hospital. He was then transferred to an orphanage and later on, to an institution for children with mental disabilities, which is his current home.

Update 2016: Andrue makes and maintains eye contact. He laughs aloud and vocalizes. He knows and recognizes his name.  The child understands the meaning of words as part of his everyday life. He understands one-step instructions that are related with everyday activities. He participates in group activities in his class mostly as a spectator. He joins simple games of imitation with his teacher and classmates (such as clapping hands). He becomes very relaxed when he hears a favorite melody of his.

His expressive speech is underdeveloped. He doesn’t yet use language for communication. He expresses his needs and desires through vocalizations.

Andrue initiates interactions with familiar adults by laughing, vocalizations, handing them objects, etc.
He eats independently and uses utensils. If he hurts himself and is in pain, he would look for help. He is relatively independent when using the bathroom, washing, etc. He announces whenever he needs to use the bathroom.

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