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TroyBoy, born September 2003Troy-001

mild mental delays

Listed: May 6, 2011

Troy has been transferred to the local Internat.  He is listed as having a mild mental delay.  (His eyes look odd here because of the red eye reduction used on the photograph.)  Troy does not speak, but understands speech addressed to him.

From a family who met him in 2012:  The profile says he is non-verbal and that is true, he did not talk at all while I was there.  However he was extremely gentle, kind, and had a very sweet demeanor.  I took bubbles one day and all the kids mobbed me wanting to play, Troy just stood there patiently smiling at me and waiting his turn.  I don’t think I ever saw him without a smile on his face.  He would sit next to me at the table and would stare very sweetly at me and when I would make eye contact he would put his arms out to give me a hug.  I do not know about his cognitive ability because I just did not get to spend enough time with him but he did understand the instructions he was given by his teacher and care taker at the boarding school with no problems, obeying them and following all their instructions (with a smile on his face).  Physically he had no problems.  I do not know if his lack of speech is due to trauma or an actual inability to form words.  I will absolutely never forget how gentle and loving he was, he lives to be hugged and he loved what little one-on-one attention I was able to give him.  He was so patient and kind to the other kids.  A family would be blessed to have this precious boy as their son!

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