2 for the BROWN Family — ID

Daniel, Svetlana, and their vibrant family of 13 children, eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2 more special children into their dynamic and loving home. Over two decades ago, their story began with Daniel, serving as a missionary in Russia, where he met Svetlana. United by their shared dream of a large, diverse family, they have since welcomed 13 wonderful children; 5 biological and 8 children adopted from foster care and Ukraine. Their last adoption was from Ukraine where the Browns adopted sweet Millie girl in 2020. Millie’s life changed dramatically in the last three years. From a very malnourished 16 years old Millie blossomed into a beautiful young lady full of life.

Raised in a large family himself, Daniel possesses the experience and patience essential for nurturing a growing family. His roles as a high school teacher and Robotics Club Coach have finely tuned his abilities in guiding and inspiring young minds. Svetlana, originally an only child from Russia, always envisioned a bustling household. Her medical training has been invaluable, especially in addressing the special needs of their children.

Ranging in age from 10 to 28, the Brown children are thrilled at the prospect of welcoming new siblings. The Browns envision a future where the children will flourish in the safety and warmth of their family. Committed to providing both the medical care and the unconditional love these children deserve, they look forward to the growth, learning, and boundless love that await.


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