Well, here we are again! We are the Miller Family— Christian, Megan, Bentley, Sawyer, Flynn, Charleston, Lottie, Elsie, Portman, and Gaines. We are a large family, blended with bio and adopted children. Lottie (Perla) and Elsie (Rae Ann) were adopted from Ukraine in 2021 and advocated for here on Reese’s Rainbow. Our girls have been home for almost a year and a half, and we are going back to Eastern Europe to bring home our sweet little boy!!

We have been married for 14 years, and have built a live on the foundation of being parents. Christian is the bread and butter— as a paramedic and serves in the South Carolina National Guard. I (Megan) stay at home with all of our kids, homeschool, and shuttle kids to therapy and sports, while feeding my jars of sourdough bread! We love to go camping in our camper, play on our farm, homestead, woodwork, and spend every minute that we can together as a family. We have enjoyed watching Lottie and Elsie grow in new experiences, and our bio children’s hearts grow with love for their sisters.

Bringing our girls home was the greatest experience, especially given all that Ukraine is currently going through. We thought we could be content, but boy were we wrong! Our hearts were in Ukraine, and we were called to adopt again. Months have gone by following one adoption route, only to be halted by a senseless war that has no end in sight. We figured we would hold out for Ukraine to open up adoptions, but God had other plans.

Just as the girls were sent to us in a facebook message, so was this sweet little boy. We immediately felt such a connection, as we did with our daughters. After reaching out, and waiting to see if we were the family the organization would choose, we were the chosen family! We could not have been more elated!

We were not expecting it to be this soon, but we also knew that we have so much more to give this child joining our family. A completely different country to experience, and a sweet little boy with Down Syndrome needing the unconditional love of our family. Not only are we going to bring this sweet boy home, but he is so similar to our girls they will grow together in so many ways! They say adoption takes a village and after our last two years that is the absolute truth!

I always tell people we are the ‘step out on faith type of people’ and we hold that near to my heart. Adoption was something that Christian and I were never on the same page about. Over the course of one summer, God broke him, and he told me he wanted to adopt. We sought to adopt a special needs child domestically, but soon found out that our hearts would be captured overseas, and still continue to this day. Thank you so much for your prayers, your advocating, your emotional and financial support! Without wonderful donors, none of these children would be in loving families thriving today!


$183.46 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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