ROSALIA for the Harper Family — GA

Dustin and Marlaina are happy to be working on their third international adoption. Dustin and Marlaina have been married for 19 years and have three children. Imani, age 13, was born in Tanzania and was adopted while Dustin and Marlaina were working and volunteering in Tanzania for six years. Cohen is ten and loves soccer and fishing. Their daughter Ruby is six and was adopted from China in 2018 and has Down Syndrome. While in country for Ruby’s adoption, Dustin and Marlaina had a sense that there was someone else waiting and they would be back again one day.

When Dustin and Marlaina saw Rosalia’s picture through an advocacy post on social media, their hearts were drawn to her. It seemed crazy to others to begin an international adoption in the middle of the Covid pandemic, but they knew they had to be faithful to what God was placing in their hearts.
The whole Harper family is excited to add Rosalia to their home. The love and bond the siblings share is very special and they are excited to add a new sister to the bunch.

Dustin works as a regional sales manager for a company while Marlaina works from home teaching fifth grade to virtual public-school students. Dustin and Marlaina volunteer and advocate for their church’s adoption and foster care ministry. The family loves spending time together camping, kayaking, and hiking in North Georgia. Dustin and Marlaina are so thankful for how God has used others in their family’s journey and has been faithful to meet their needs.

7/22/2022 — DOSSIER SUBMITTED in OCT 2021

$6,598.12 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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