Jennifer’s Fundraiser

Jennifer Doloski adopted from Ukraine in 2012 and 2016. When she was asked to help get tactical gear to citizen combats fighting in Ukraine’s war against Russia’s unprovoked aggression, she agreed to do so, but needed assistance in financing the shipping costs. It costs more than $300 to ship one ballistic vest to Poland, and so far, Jennifer and her brother, a retired police chief, have had more than 400 donated. Donations are shipped to Warsaw, Poland and delivered across the border into Ukraine. Jennifer asked Reece’s Rainbow for assistance in providing a secure, trustworthy location for donations to be made. Funds will be disbursed as she provides Reece’s Rainbow with shipping receipts/bills. Any funding remaining at the end of the campaign will go to the orphanages of Mykolaiv, Ukraine, where Jennifer’s boys are all from.

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Funds are utilized for this special project, as described above, and receipts obtained. A list of donors will be provided to Jennifer. If you prefer your donation to be anonymous, please contact
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