The 250 Project

When the Higgins family brought home their second child with down syndrome, they felt an immediate pull to return for a third child, a little boy who had been waiting far too long. Exhausted from back to back adoptions, they prayed that God would pave the way for them to be able to quickly bring their third child home, even though they were financially drained. They nervously committed, and were soon blown away with support of the adoption community. Within days, dozens of friends offered to get them to their goal, $250 at a time. Their adoption was fully funded within weeks.

That is the inspiration of the 250 project, the knowledge that when we work together, anything is possible! The 250 project provides matching grants to families who are working hard to bring their waiting children home. Perhaps just as important as the financial gift is the reminder that we are all in this together. It takes a village! We hope you will join ours!

$1,086.85 has been donated towards the 250 Project.

Make the most of your gift, consider sending a check! Online donations to children with committed families incur a 3% PayPal transaction fee.

*** All donations are tax deductible

A list of donors will be provided to the Higgins family. If you would prefer to donate anonymously, please email