Charsie and Micheal have been married 8 years and together for over 11. They have dedicated their life to serving others. Micheal works child welfare for the State of Michigan and Charsie is a Family Nurse Practitioner currently working in Hospice. They have always been open to the idea of a family through adoption and have answered the calling to become mom and dad.

A couple years ago Charsie came across Reece’s Rainbow on Facebook and identified so many children she could pray for. One day, a child “spoke” to her heart, and she began praying this child would receive a family. Over time, she felt a pull to this child and decided to just causally mention this to Micheal. Of course, the response was “let’s pray about it” and go from there. Throughout this time, they both prayed and left it at that. After nine months, God spoke to them, knowing this was his plan, they took a step-in obedience and started the adoption process.

Charsie and Micheal are committed to welcoming a child into their family with love and understanding. We don’t know all the how’s and why’s but know God has been faithful. If he has called us to be parents, he will equip us for the work. Charsie and Micheal are aware of the many miracles that will occur to bring home their child and are thankful for your prayers and financial support.

5/16/2022 — USCIS APPROVED

$1,906.00 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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