A GIRL for the Lopez family — PA

Isabella knew that one day she would grow her family through adoption, when she was a young girl watching Adoption Stories on TV. Though she never imagined ever going the route of international special needs adoption, until she was introduced to Reece’s Rainbow.

She saw a social media post of a single mom adopting a little girl with Down syndrome from Bulgaria. At the time many things went against her being able to start the process. So she spent the next 5 years researching, donating, and supporting other families in process and waiting for the moment to be able to start the process herself. The day she has been praying for has finally come and she is so excited. She is hoping to adopt a little girl from Armenia that was once listed on RR before advocating stopped for that country. Knowing that the little girl she first saw and fell in love with is possibly still waiting for a family, she is going full speed and doing everything she can to raise the money needed.

All donations and prayers are appreciated!!!


$1,722.13 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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