The Ampe family is returning to Eastern Europe to adopt two more children. They will have a “Baker’s Dozen”! Joe and Tiffany currently have eleven children ages 2-20. Two of their children are amazing preschoolers that they adopted from Ukraine, who just happen to have Down Syndrome.

The Ampe family lives on a homestead in Michigan with plenty of animals and children. They learned of Reece’s Rainbow through the Down Syndrome community that their biological niece was a part of. While she is a treasured member of the extended family, they discovered that disabled children in other countries aren’t as fortunate. In 2018 Joe and Tiffany traveled to Ukraine expecting to adopt a sweet baby boy. Instead, they returned home with two (and gave birth to a biological baby the next day). This time, they are setting out to adopt two children. The entire family is ecstatic, hoping to be adding a five year old girl and eight year old boy. This time neither child has Down Syndrome, but instead have other significant health issues and disabilities, including hydrocephalus.

The Ampe family knows the miracles that are required to travel across the world to bring home a child. They have experienced the community that is necessary to support families financially, emotionally, and physically. There’s no way to do it alone and they are extremely grateful for those that walk beside them. Thank you for your generous prayers and financial support.


$708.55 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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