Saint Mary of Sorrows

Fourth Annual Reece’s Rainbow 2K Walk:  First Virtual Walk

Kick off date Saturday October 24, 2020

Walk is virtual so walk anytime between October 24 and November 7th

To raise funds to assist the Marshall Family with the adoption of their 4th child with special needs as well as awareness for Reece’s Rainbow. This organization advocates and raises funds for the international adoption of children with Down syndrome and other special needs. The Marshall Family was the first family we assisted.

The Marshall family has already opened their home to 3 children with special needs and are anxiously awaiting the adoption of their 4th, Ember Faith, to which the proceeds of the walk will go.  Laura and Billy are parents to two beautiful biological children as well; Tessa and Bella.

When we have been able to walk in person, the Marshalls have always attended to show their support and dedication to all families adopting children with special needs. But due to COVID restrictions, the walk will be virtual this year.


$2,175.00 has been donated towards the virtual walk.

A list of donors will be shared with the Marshall’s Walk committee.  If you prefer your donation to be anonymous, please contact