Aden and Jamie Hirtle’s story began in 2000 when they met in college. They became good friends but went their separate ways shortly thereafter and remained friends for 8 years. In 2008, they were reunited, began dating and were married in 2009. They lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada together for 7 years and then moved to Utah in 2015 and have been there ever since. In their 11 years of marriage they have welcomed 4 beautiful girls.

In May 2020, Jamie randomly happened upon an Instagram account advocating for children in Eastern Europe with special needs who were available for international adoption. This page pulled at her heart stings as she had lived in Russia for a year (2001-2002) and had studied Russian in college afterwards. She had also worked for years with children with disabilities. Scanning those faces, she never thought adoption would be in her future but suddenly one little face called to me.

The little boy in the picture looked so much like her nephews and brothers when they were younger that she felt like she was looking at someone from her extended family. She felt a jolt in her heart the instant she saw him and she couldn’t stop thinking about him for days. When she found an adoption video of him, she knew they had to give him a family and she cried and prayed for him all day.

Another exciting happenstance occurred when she looked up his diagnosis: Patent Ductus Arteriosus. She didn’t realize the nickname for this is PDA. She is very familiar with PDA because their twins both had this as preemies in the NICU and were treated for it. She felt prepared to be this little boy’s mama, not only because of his diagnosis but also because she speaks his native language.

Through much prayer, discussion and tender mercies, Aden and Jamie both came to the decision to start the adoption process. Their girls were over the moon because she had told them of the bleak future these orphans face and they were adamant that they bring this little boy into their family.

From the beginning, she has felt an urgency to get through the adoption process. They are pushing forward as quickly as they can and are just hoping and working to get enough funds secured to make this adoption possible. They have tightened their budget and dropped activities and are even running a successful facemask making fundraiser but cannot meet their financial goal without the generous help from grants.


$383.83 has been donated towards the cost of our adoption!

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