Girl: 2011

Listed: Sep. 2020

Diagnosis: Moderate mental delays. Congenital cataract oculi utriusque (on both eyes). Concomitant convergent strabismus. Astigmatism oculi utriusque. Hyperkinetic behavior disorder. Low birth weight.

Stable walk, climbs up and down stairs unassisted. Willingly and enthusiastically participates in the individual sport and kinesitherapy activities. Sociable, engages easily in interaction with peers and adults. The vocabulary is significantly richer, uses short sentences and manages to make herself understood. Follows simple rules and instructions. She is in the process of mastering her self-control skills. When with the class, she demonstrates certain confidence and independence. The positive, upbeat mood prevails. Sometimes she gets upset without apparent reason. She is verbal. Composes short sentences, which she usеs to express her desires and preferences

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