“ihaveawarrior”Boy, born 2018

Talipes valgus
atrial septal defect
patent ductus arteriosus

Updated pics 10/20; update from a family that met him 10/20:
Fraser was a very sweet and smart boy! He was very loving and happy. He seemed comfortable with his caregivers, happy and playful. He speaks and says several words appropriately for his age. He knows the names of the other children in his room. Fraser was very playful and played well with both caregivers and other kids. He also played with toys. He played peek a boo and laughed with our son. His listing says club feet. He does stand on both feet but rolls onto his heels and stands on his heels. He walked with assistance but was dragging his feet. We were told he walks unassisted but did not witness it. We were also told that his heart condition would close on its own and not need any surgery.
He has two brothers and a sister that are under custody and not adoptable at this time

$5,285.20 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!