Boy, born May 2009

Blind, Cerebral Palsy, Moderate Developmental Delay

Listed: July 2020

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Connor is an 11-year-old boy with joy that is contagious!  He is very playful and he loves to laugh. His caregivers say that he is responsive to their teaching and he follows the rules. Connor loves music and likes to pretend that he is playing the guitar. He loves when others join in and make music with him! He appreciates sleeping in after a full day of activity. Connor has a diagnosis that includes global developmental delay, but he continues to amaze his caregivers with his determination to learn and do things for himself. Connor is very strong and is able to stand with some support, get himself in and out of his wheelchair, and feed himself. With a little more therapy, Connor will continue to become independent at even more daily tasks. Connor is an absolute inspiration and has so much potential! Could your family give him the love and extra care he needs to reach it?

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