“ihaveawarrior”Girl, born 2015

cerebral palsy

Listed: June 2020

Shiloh is a precious little girl. Her favorite things are to be both held and cuddled. She enjoys listening and dancing to music while being twirled around the room. Shiloh communicates well with her body language. She has made healthy attachments to her care provider. Shiloh will track her around the room and kick her legs and move her arms around when she wants her attention. Shiloh receives physical therapy 5 days a week and attends an in-home school Monday to Friday. Her classes consist of sensory experiences as well as working on gross and fine motor skills. Shiloh loves sensory play, and one of her favorite things is the sound of crinkling paper.

Shiloh also enjoys water play. With the assistance of her teacher, she splashes water around a sensory bin; using cups, shovels, and other water toys to manipulate and move the water. Her favorite game is when her caregiver counts to three and then leans her backwards. As her caregiver starts to count, a grin will flash in anticipation of being “thrown” backwards. Shiloh is a deep lover of life and friendship and would thrive in a family of her own.

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