Listed: 3/2020


Playing with cars is one of Devin favorite activities. He finds colorful toys to be very exciting, especially when these are animals or related to sports. He is very friendly to kids his age and enjoys playing with them. With adults he might be a little shy at first but has no trouble relating once he feels comfortable. Devin enjoys painting. He can spend a lot of time mixing colors and making spectacular artworks. 

Devin gets very excited when someone he cares about comes to visit him. He will receive them with hugs, kisses and lots of smiles. He also likes it when he gets to go out to walk around or play in the park. Devin has a diagnosis of speech and language development disorder and microcephaly with what is suspected to be a cognitive deficit. He would do best in a family that can work with him through all the different parts of his development, keeping in mind his own necessities.

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