Listed: 3/2020


Michael, Finn and Felix are three brothers who love to play together. Felix is the youngest. He is a charismatic 2-year-old, who likes playing with balls and running around. He is much of an explorer in the making. He also enjoys watching videos for kids such as Peppa Pig. Felix gets along well with his peers and with adults. He loves demonstrations of affection such as hugs. He sometimes finds it hard to share his toys with other kids but is working hard with his caregivers to improve this. He is a fast learner. 

Michael is the middle child. He is a very active 10-year-old who loves sports, but soccer beyond all. His favorite subject in school is math and physical education and needs a little extra work in subjects that involve writing and reading. Michael likes to spend his time playing soccer, with marbles or playdoh. He is an animal lover and finds dalmatian dogs the most beautiful of all. Michael is very protective of his siblings; he is the happiest when he gets to spend time with them and is always looking out for them. Michael dreams of learning how to speak another language and to karate.

Finn is the oldest in this group of siblings. He is a 12-years-old who loves to laugh. He gets especially happy when his brother Michael blows his tummy and makes funny noises. He loves spending time with him. He likes to eat Yogurt and enjoys it when Michael spoon-feeds him. Finn is diagnosed with cerebral palsy with mils associated mental delay, dorsal scoliosis with generalized muscular atrophy, ligament hyperlaxity and severe delay in his cognitive development. Felix, Michael and Finn would do best in a family that have experience with kids. Their family need to be patient, very loving, and open to spend individual time with each of their kids in order to cover their different needs.

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