Girl, born 2017
Down syndrome

Mila is a beautiful, quiet, and smiley little girl. Mila is also reported to be easy-going and outgoing. She gets along well with others and is not afraid of strangers. She enjoys playing with colorful toys that make sounds.  Mila has a good appetite and enjoys her daily fruit juice. She is a sound sleeper. At the time Mila’s file was prepared, she could roll over and sit. She likes making sounds and interacting with the adults. Mila is going to therapy every day and is progressing in all areas. Mila is very happy when someone holds or kisses her. Mila’s file is rather new; we’d love to see Mila in the arms of her very own forever family!

There is a $1,000 agency grant for Mila’s adoption with a specific adoption agency.

$259.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!

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