4 Siblings!

9 year old boy, 8 year old girl, 6 year old boy and 4 year old girl

The oldest boy, Andy (age 9) is creative and can draw beautifully. His social skills are developed according to age. He is able to communicate verbally and can clearly tell about his wishes and feelings. He likes sports activities. He is inquisitive and tries to do his homework. He has difficulties in concentrating on a task that requires longer time and can quickly gets tired, offended and angry. His language development is delayed. He has difficulties in dealing adequately with conflict situations, respecting borders, accepting criticism or correction and has anxious behavior. He tends to disobey the rules and react to remarks with anger and resentment. He is friendly with peers but not always friendly with his sisters and brother. He is a strong leader. His psycho-emotional state is stable and he needs to continue to learn to control his emotions.

Brenda, the 8 year old girl is loving, kind, generous and hardworking. She likes to sing, dance and swim. She likes to dress up, wear dresses, create hairstyles and help with household chores. She likes to go to school but has difficulties in Latvian, English and mathematics. She has language delays. She is friendly with peers and makes eye contact with adults and shows affection for them. If something is not right, she tends to get very angry and resentful. She is always interested and feels responsible for her siblings.

Carl, the 6 year old boy, is inquisitive, explores his surroundings and shows a desire to learn something new. He likes to play with Lego, toy cars, puzzles and play board games. He is also active and likes to play ball and ride a scooter. He is beginning to read and put syllables together. He has language delays and his social skills are developed according to his age. He fits well into the work of groups and follows the rules of behavior adopted by a group. He has become more independent and shows a sense of humor. He attends a pre-school institution and is in an educational program for children with language development delay.

Dani, the 4 year old girl, is very kind by nature and knows how to and likes to care for others. She likes to play with dolls and ride a scooter. When playing with peers or younger children she is like a teacher and enjoys instructing others. She has a tendency to get angry when something is not right and defends her opinion. The girl creates a game with a story and various events. She has language delays and her social skills are age appropriate. She has great motor skills developed appropriate to the age. She is becoming more and more independent. She begins to realize that her actions have consequences and is learning to limit herself. She shows care for younger children and attends kindergarten.

The children have suffered from emotional, physical and sexual abuse as well as neglect. They have received social rehabilitation for children who have suffered from violence, medical assistance and appropriate education. Rehabilitation has made the children more balanced and aware of what to do in an emergency. They need special attention and love, patience and strict boundaries.

$27.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!