Boy, born 2014

mild mental retardation. Early organic CNS damage. Physical development delay. Other disturbances in speech and language development. Malabsorption syndrome

Jaylen has blue eyes and light, blond hair.  Jaylen walks steadily, eats independently, also solid food, can speak 4-5 words sentences, is active – loves to ride a push-car, run, play with other kids, wants to get to know everything new around him. Jaylen has successfully started his pre-school education, he attends kindergarten from Monday to Friday. He has adjusted well, he is very happy and eager to go to the kindergarten every day. He studies according to a specialized pre-school education program for children with mixed developmental disabilities. In everyday life a child is able to employ himself constantly. On a daily basis Jaylen needs assistance with changing his diapers as he still continues his potty-training. He needs a little help to get dressed and undressed.

Jaylen has learned to caress a doll or someone from adults or children. In the beginning Jaylen did not know, how to react out his emotions – he threw things away, he was hitting adults and children, also when he was happy to see someone. At the moment Jaylen by movements imitates caresses, gives kisses. Jaylen gets on well with other children, especially with children of his age. Jaylen helps in small daily chores, can collect his toys and put them in places. Jaylen has started to eat hard food; he bites and swallows biscuits, bananas, apples. He shows interest about books, especially about the ones that are with sound. Jaylen starts to show and demonstrate independence. He reacts calmly to new events. He has high level of energy.

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