Boy, born 2012
autism syndrome, severe mental retardation

Beckham builds contact slowly, insecurely, he needs time to trust. He has signs of autism. Emotionally closed, tense and impulsive. Beckham has begun to make eye contact, responds to adult’s call. Demonstrates wish for physical contact. No interest or initiative in displayed items or games. Stucking in action observed. Does not engage in contact with other children, but is able to roll a ball if adult suggests, but only temporarily. He likes to throw a ball (can do it for a long time), jumps very well, keeps his balance. Beckham enjoys to be in water – dabbling and splashing. He also enjoys working with communication board. Understands adult’s instructions on self-service skills – eating, washing, sleeping, going to the toilet. He is able to eat and drink independently. He can put on and take off his shoes. Studies according to specialized learning program.

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