Girl, born 2014
Down syndrome, Congenital heart defect, unknown eye issue (not in file)

Delfina is a precious little girl who is described by her caretakers as spirited and sweet. She has lots of personality and snuggles to share! Delfina loved celebrating the holiday season with her nannies and friends. She especially enjoyed dressing up in festive hats and playing with jingle bells. Delfina loves getting her picture taken. Immediately after seeing a camera, she will get in front of it and pose or flash a great big smile. Delfina usually asks to see the pictures by plopping down on the photographer’s lap and pointing to the camera. Delfina has a big smile and an even bigger personality!

Staff say that she has matured and learned about stretching her imagination and playing with others. She likes to build and stack blocks, read books, and play outside. Watching Delfina explore the world around her is a joy, and between her wonderful hugs and loving pats on the back, she’s won over all of her caretakers’ hearts. Delfina’s nannies love sharing about how smart, strong, and adorable she is. Her enthusiasm for life is endearing. Whenever you introduce her to a new toy or game, she doesn’t hesitate to join in on the fun. Popping bubbles is her current favorite activity and the joy she exudes is contagious!

Delfina was born with Down syndrome and CHD- TOF, Perimembranous VSD, Pulmonary stenosis, Right ventricular hypertrophy, and PFO. We are trying to find out if she has had any surgeries, because her outdated medical file doesn’t mention any. It also appears that Delfina has had something happen to her right eye since her file was prepared. We are not sure if she has any vision in that eye or not, but are also looking to get more information about that. It’s clear Delfina brings so much joy to her caretakers. We hope her forever family will see her soon, so they don’t continue to miss out on that joy!

Delfina has a $1,000 Agency grant with a specific agency for her adoption.

$15.00 has been donated towards the cost of my adoption!