“ihaveawarrior”Girl, born 2016
Down syndrome, CHD-VSD (post-op)

Update from Feb 2020:
Kora can eat solid foods, she can eat all foods suitable for children. But because it is an institutional setting, we give the children little fish to eat. All bones are removed from meat and fish by nannies before serving to the children for safety. We usually give her softer foods.  She can grab things to eat herself. She also will break off and share snacks with other children.


*What she means is that they give them soft foods usually mixed with rice to prevent choking, to help the children eat faster, and so they don’t have to distinguish from children with stomach or eating issues. All the children who have come with this diet have had stomach issues because of it and have needed time to adjust to eating harder foods but recovered fine. Each day after eating in the morning and night she will drink a little milk.

Kora can understand almost everything that is said to her. She also can respond using actions, she just cannot communicate with spoken language, she can only speak a little.   She did not show any problems with the heart after her heart surgery. Previously her eyes often had tears. In December 2019, an eye examination was performed. She had a Nasolacrimal duct narrowing + nasolacrimal duct intubation. She has recovered well from this.


Kora is a beautiful little girl with a beautiful smile and cute little dimples! Kora was born with Down syndrome and a CHD-VSD, for which she has had surgery to correct. By 2.5 years of age, Kora was walking forwards and backwards independently. She can understand simple instructions and helps look after other children near her. If another child has a runny nose, the caretaker will say “Kora, wipe the nose for your friend with the towel” and she would use the towel to help clean the child. She would pass it to the caretaker and then get another towel to clean another child up. Her caregiver will give her a thumbs up and praise her for being so great. At the end of an activity, she will put away toys with the other children. Kora likes music and dancing to the beat. She gets along well with other children and will kiss them or put her hand on her mouth and blow them a kiss. She will wave her hands to say goodbye. Kora is also very happy to play outdoors! She loves to pull the caretaker’s hands to go upstairs and walk on the bridge. She enjoys looking around and touching flowers and grasses after seeing them.

In May of 2019, Kora started attending the Little Sister’s Pre-School Program. She adapted well to going to school. She can move her stool to the designated position when she comes into the classroom and will sit down happily. She does not speak much, but she can understand the teacher’s instructions and will cooperate positively. When the teacher calls her name, she can raise her hands up to indicate that she is there. She will imitate the teacher to dance along to the music in class. Kora can hold a pen to write on the blank paper. She will curiously touch the lines she draws with the other hand. When the teacher says it is time to go outside, Kora always stands up and runs to the door. She likes interaction with people too and is not scared of new people. Kora has a good appetite and she likes snacks. She is a sound sleeper. Kora is ready for a forever family! Could that family be yours?

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