Age: 3
Diagnosis: Left hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays

Monique has weakness on the left side in both her upper and lower extremities. She can walk, but her gait is not steady. She can go up and down steps with 2 hand support on the rails, can sit on a small stool and balance without support,can squat down from standing and maintain balance to play in that position. She tends to walk on her tiptoes, but does very well independently walking. She can put items into a bag, stack 5 blocks on top of each other, and plays with Legos and Play Dough.  She is being encouraged to use her left hand more during play activities. She can feed herself independently with supervision, can zip large zippers, pull her pants up/down with assistance and wash/dry her hands. She is currently being toilet trained. She initiates greetings such as waving “hello” and “bye”. She talks and verbally responds to questions. She can follow 3-4 step commands, answer yes/no questions, and accurately answer “where” and “what” questions. She demonstrates an understanding of the concepts “big/small”, “with/without”, “in/out”, “up/down”, “warm/cold”, etc. She chooses her own clothes and will express her like or dislike for a particular outfit. She enjoys music and imaginative play.

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