Age: 3
Diagnosis: Ataxic Cerebral Palsy; developmental delays

Tinka was exposed to drugs and cigarettes in utero and went through drug withdrawals after birth. She is currently living in a foster home with foster parents and foster siblings, where she is doing very well. Tinka wears ankle-foot orthotics and can walk with support. She currently uses furniture and railing systems to navigate on her feet and would likely do well with a walker for mobility. She can sit unassisted and crawl quickly on all fours. She can also climb stairs with assistance. She is able to grasp a pencil, pick up a ball and place it in a container, push buttons and turn switches to activate musical toys,  hold her cup, flip pages in a book, and is currently learning to feed herself with a spoon. Her favorite toys are toy cars, balls, and any type of musical toy. She enjoys playing on the playground with her foster siblings and attends church and other outings in the community. She is described as “quiet, gentle, cheerful, lively, and determined.” Tinka attends a special child care center for education and therapy daily. She is making improvements in all aspects of her development. Her teacher reports that she can follow simple directions and has made improvements in her walking and expressing her needs.
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